Nicholas Sakellar, FAIA, understood the value modern architecture could bring to the Southern Arizona region. In 1956, Sakellar Associates was founded, going on to produce an unprecedented number of modern buildings.  Nick's  legacy remains not only in the buildings he designed, but in the lasting inspiration he had on the many young architects who worked with him over the years.

Throughout the years, Nick’s leadership allowed Sakellar Associates to flourish with projects. The buildings are marked by an intimate sense of scale, an innovative approach to structure, and a sensitive use of materials suitable for the Southwest region.  These innovations created the building as a unified environment, respecting context through design.

Strongly influenced by his father’s work, Dino Sakellar
joined the firm as partner in 1980, advancing to firm president in 1990.  Although the firm’s name became rebranded to Sakellar pllc, the firm extends its original vision of architecture through careful design and understanding of context.  Sakellar continues to grow and change, gaining further experience and remaining dedicated to the service of design.
Nicholas Sakellar
from drawing a building to building a history.