We are a small and efficient firm committed to fully serving our clients’ needs, regardless of project size or scope.  For over 60 years, we have been dedicated to the service of design.  Sakellar's rich history encompasses nearly every conceivable area of design, from the single-family residence to a 100 square-mile Master Plan.  This unique range of experience provides Sakellar with the solid foundation that is necessary to endure the changes that come over time.

There’s a reason we’ve been around for so long.  As a team, we handle each project with the highest personal standards of excellence. We put the client first, taking the time to understand the exact desires, and balancing these desires with the appropriate design services.

To us, design is more than walls and windows.  Design is about the people.

Dino is a busy man.  On top of acting as the principal of Sakellar, he is an active member of Arizona AIA and a community volunteer.  His knowledge of Tucson's history and current dynamics will contribute to the success of any local project.  Meanwhile, his work ethic and enthusiasm can push forward a project of any scope.
CARLOS DE ALVA     Earning the title of Registered Architect in Mexico City, Carlos came to Tucson with both talent and experience.  He has excelled at Sakellar for over 20 years.  While he is extremely competent in many areas, his design ability, rendering skill, graphics, and computer literacy have proven outstanding.
Caitlin is currently in her last year of architecture school at the University of Arizona.  She brings energy and technical knowledge to the Sakellar team, helping to boost our digital presence through website design and social media.  Caitlin is a leader among her peers, and is actively engaged with the American Institute of Architecture Students.
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from drawing a building to building a history.